Carl Edwin Waerner

I empower people, teams and organisations to problem-solve in a different and exciting way.


Globalisation and internet has changed everything
"Within six years, 75% of today's companies will have been replaced." — World Economic Forum. The problems organisations face today are complex and cannot be solved with yesterdays logic and way of working. In other words, existing businesses find themselves at a crossroad: reinvent yourselves, or go bust.

A shift in mindset
To tackle these problems, you need a process that can break down the complexity into smaller fractions and help you connect the dots. A process that defines the problem and leverages people's creativity to generate solutions that fit. A method that relies on empathy, collaboration, learning, and a diversity of perspectives.


That method is Design Thinking

Learn from people

Learn from people

Find patterns

Find patterns


Create prototypes and iterate


Implement solution

Selected work

Curious? Let's talk and see how we might implement this in your organisation.

What people say about me

"One of Carl's major strengths is his ability to not only think outside of the box, but beyond the box itself. Why is the box there in the first place? He won't take the immediate truths for granted, but instead quickly try to grasp the true underlying need. Carl doesn't patch problems, he solves them at the core with his holistic approach to design."


"Carl is a compassionate people person with a great talent for perspective-taking. He’s a diplomatic leader who’s reflective, inclusive and good at listening."


Created by Carl Edwin Waerner, 2020